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The best way to figure out if Rhys can help you is to get in touch and have a conversation

Rhys excels in three main types of work: 
relationships, research, and representation 



  • market overviews​​

  • target identification

  • network introductions

Rhys will identify who you need to speak with and why, then facilitate targeted introductions that bring value to all parties involved

for example: Rhys was engaged by a large international cultivator looking for down-stream partners in Australia

Rhys produced a target list of companies most likely to be suitable partners including detailed justifications for their selection, specific individuals, and contact information, then facilitated targeted introductions to these companies 



  • needs analysis

  • market sizing

  • regulatory insights

Rhys will find, analyse and interpret the information and data necessary to understand customers, clients and markets

for example: Rhys was engaged by a consulting firm whose client was trying to understand the potential opportunities and costs of pursuing over-the-counter CBD drug registration

Rhys identified and interpreted key data sets that allowed the consulting firm to make informed TAM and market penetration assumptions which formed the basis of their modelling



  • advisory boards

  • public relations

  • advocacy

Rhys will join your team for important meetings and events, and can make himself available for ongoing support as part of your advisory board

for example: Rhys was engaged by a company to assist them in developing a strategy for an upcoming meeting with a regulatory agency


Rhys provided advice on tactics and lines of questioning aimed at producing specific outcomes and attended the meeting as part of the company's team

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